Monday, February 28, 2011


For some reason I cannot remember how many journals I'm allowed and how many tips.  And then I can't remember how many I've done!  :)  You'd think I was getting an early onset of dementia!  Sometimes I wonder!
So far, this week as been good.  I've gotten exercise in every day--40-60 minutes.  As much as it's hard at times for me to get up off my rear and get busy about exercising, I feel soooo good afterward.   So, that pushes me to get going even when I don't want to get going!
It has been such an encouragement to log on here and see how everyone is doing and how many are striving to keep themselves fit for Christ sake.  That has been and still is my primary motivation.
Keep on striving!


Charlie said...

We are allowed 4 posts a week. If you need to look up how many you posted just click on your name and all your posts will show up.

Dani Joy said...

Charlie, got to answer before I did. ;) Great!

I am so thankful that this is a blessing. It is for me as well. I really, pray that this can be a ministry. It definately takes prayer. I don´t want it to get out of balance.

Thank you for bringing in the spiritual aspect with your journals.

I have a max of 2 journals and 2 tips for points but you can write as often as you want. ;)

Springing for God´s Glory,
Dani Joy