Monday, February 28, 2011

Put on your running shoes, mate.

Several of us are running for exercise. It is great as the nice weather begins, and I am finding unusual pleasure in letting myself float around the countryside or running along as my kids ride their bikes. It is fun to race them during short distances. I used to hate running, specially since it made me have knee pain (tendinitis) often, and I did not know how to avoid it. This summer while we were in California, David's cousin, Ericlee tortured me with a massage on my knee calf and mentioned that the problem was probably not my knee, but the way I was running and a wrong position of my muscular movement. He also led me to buy other running shoes. I got Saucony, an unknown brand to me. Back in Spain, I wore my running shoes to school one day (I had a sore toe) and the PE teacher made a comment about my shoes. She said that those were the best shoes, that doctors recommended them to athletes, etc. I was surprised that they were known here too. She said they were, around the "experts". I really think that the shoes may have been a very important factor in my being able to run my 6 kilometers (my longest distance) and not have pain.

So, put on your running shoes. . . mate!

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