Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look what was outside this morning!

I know that this sight is not so unusual for most of you, but here in Tucson, AZ it is rare. See what happens when I clean my yard. LOL! So glad I did. Can you imagine the mess I would've had if I didn't.
Praise that Lord, for knowing all things.


Siberia said...

Yeah for getting your yard cleaned before the snow! I actually like to get outside and do yard work. I count it toward my exercise time when I shovel snow or do other jobs that get my heart rate going. We have a large garden where we grow all our own vegetables, and that really gives me lots of work in the summer. It is wonderful to be outside and enjoy God's creation.


Charlie said...

Hi Tami, I normally love to work in the yard too. I just don't like the cold weather. My yard usually gets ignored during the winter months.

When I lived in El Paso, I had a very nice garden. Here in Tucson is another story. I can't seem to get much to grow here except for Basil and some other herbs. I can get a few native flowers growing but that's about it. Since the freeze killed my flowers, I think I'm going to try a few vegetables again. We'll see how that goes.

I am very much an outdoor person and also enjoy being in God's creation.

I think it's neat when people are able to grow their own vegetables. It's great for the kids too.

Dani Joy said...

brrrr!! my word!

It got cold here too but no snow.

Praise the Lord you got your yard done! That is a huge blessing for sure. So happy for you.

Dani JOy