Friday, February 25, 2011

A new day to start over

Hi again.
I am sorry about yesterday's post...I wear my emotions for all to see.

Today is a better day. Nothing's really different, but I feel better.

Poor Jeff was beside himself b/c I was such a wreck when he came home (crying and all the mess. He took all 3 girls to our oldest's dance class so I could just chill, and I was better when he came home. (He wanted to know what was wrong, (he's a fixer), but I only kind of knew what had me so upset...pretty sure the PG hormones had something to do with it!) :) After some time I knew it wasn't just my exercise and eating that had me so "blah" yesterday. Lots of late nights and early mornings for Jeff and no time to really talk to each other, long week with kids and schooling, but even more so - I realized that I need to get with God and really talk.

I tried to pray and got frustrated for a bit - I am realizing I have no prayer life other than at our dinner times. I thought I was getting a handle on this also...
But, is better. I am starting the weekend with a new attitude, and a hope to really learn to talk to Jesus! (Is that what I need to learn before this health thing??) God can use even my "un-fitness" to draw me closer to Him! He is so good!!
have a wonderful weekend & keep up the good work!!


Charlie said...

Cindy, We all need to vent sometime. I'm glad you had some time to yourself. Quiet times are always good times to regroup and be closer to the Lord. We all need it. I guess that's why I value my walks. It is really the only time I am alone to regroup.

I am so glad that you are feeling better today.


CindyP said...

thank you, Charlie.

Dani Joy said...

You know we all need to learn this. It is why I love Physical fitness so much. it really makes us look to Him for our strength. As does pregnancy. ;)

I need so much more time in prayer than I am spending. It is not just you. You are being so open and transperant with us that it makes us want to spend more time in prayer too.

Thank you, Cindy. Your prayers will be heard. What is wonderful is that the Holy Spirit makes our unspoken prayers audible before the King. Praise His Name!

I lift you up to Him tonight. May you feel His armes around you tight. He is our strength. He our all!

I love you already, in Him!

Pray while you walk or work too. I use to beat myself up over not praying for an hour just sitting or kneeling. I couldn´t even pray for a half hour probably. Well, then I started realizing all the times I communicate with my Lord. In the morning as I wake up, in the shower, through the day, crying out to Him, during my exercise, and when I go to sleep at night. I sure try to still make time to pray and read the Bible and that is our quiet peaceful time, but really, I am learning to commune with Him throughout the day. ;)

big hugs,
Dani Joy