Monday, February 28, 2011

Put on your running shoes, mate.

Several of us are running for exercise. It is great as the nice weather begins, and I am finding unusual pleasure in letting myself float around the countryside or running along as my kids ride their bikes. It is fun to race them during short distances. I used to hate running, specially since it made me have knee pain (tendinitis) often, and I did not know how to avoid it. This summer while we were in California, David's cousin, Ericlee tortured me with a massage on my knee calf and mentioned that the problem was probably not my knee, but the way I was running and a wrong position of my muscular movement. He also led me to buy other running shoes. I got Saucony, an unknown brand to me. Back in Spain, I wore my running shoes to school one day (I had a sore toe) and the PE teacher made a comment about my shoes. She said that those were the best shoes, that doctors recommended them to athletes, etc. I was surprised that they were known here too. She said they were, around the "experts". I really think that the shoes may have been a very important factor in my being able to run my 6 kilometers (my longest distance) and not have pain.

So, put on your running shoes. . . mate!



Donna said...

I've had MAJOR shoe issues....I think I've finally got them resloved. I finally went to a specialist and got asics. had never heard of them before. ExPeNsIvE!!! But seriously made a HUGE difference. Worth the cost!

The Herd said...

Thanks for the tip...I hate running, but want to love it...maybe I would if I ran correctly and wore the right shoes!

Dani Joy said...

I totally agree!!! I love to run now too!

I am so glad that you no longer have pain! Praise the Lord! I too love to run while the boys bike. How fun it would to do this all together. ;) I can´t wait to see you at camp!!! will you be at JOvenes? WE will be all going to Jovenes. did I say I can´t wait?

Maribel, I have pain in my left lower back and hip lately. :( I have to go to the Fisio but don´t want to pay for it. I am tired of the pain. It´s not as bad as it was in the States when I had to go to the Chiropracter but it´s so bothersome. Please pray for this for me.

what was the correct way your cousin said to run? My Chiropracter said that I was jogging and pounding on my back wrong and that if I ran It would help. But I don´t know what the differance is. hmmmm?

I got new shoes for my birthday back in August. I love them! they helped my knee pain too. ;)

Thanks for this post! I am so excited for you!

Maribel said...

Dani, to tell you the truth, I am not sure about "the right way to run" Try to not bounce a lot; it doesn't do anything good for you. When you run, your weight is not "on the ground" as much. Go light and relax. I think the right shoes take your weight better, and that is why we don't get hurt. I'll be praying for you.
We are not planning to go to Jóvenes. We are planning to go to "jovencitos" with two of our kids and some from our church. Are you going to that one too.
But I'll see you in Toledo next month. ;)