Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ruth H., SISII Journal Post #2

Wow, wow, wow! I am so impressed with all of the weight/inch loss going on around here. Good for you.
Well, I saw my own loss this week. I lost one pound and am down half an inch in my waist to 30 1/2". It was rather tough this week as our family was down with the flu. I had it two days and felt nasty the entire time. Oh well, pressing on anyway. I think we see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Also wanted to say that it is soooo encouraging to log on and see all of your wonderfully encouraging posts and admonitions to keep going forward. I have really been enjoying the tip posts as well and have learned some new things. Thanks ladies!


Charlie said...

Ruth, Congratulations on the lb lost and the half an inch where it counts. That's what I can't wait to get down is my waist. Just keep springing.

Dani Joy said...

ooo sorry you were sick. Great job on the weight loss and the inch! Little at a time.

You can do it with God´s strength.

We are springing with ya,
Dani Joy

Landry ladies said...

Excellent job Ruth! I’m so sorry to hear you were feeling bad this week, but you made great progress in spite of it. Were you able to exercise any during your illness? Sometimes it’s just best to rest and let our bodies recover.

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