Monday, February 14, 2011

Sarah D. Start-up Journal Post

Hello, Ladies! This is my very first time participating in one of Dani Joy's challenges, and I'm excited!

I am a missionary wife and mom in Indonesia. I have two kids, and unfortunately though my youngest will be 3 next month, losing the pregnancy weight has not been easy for me. In fact, it hasn't gone so well at all, especially with the 2nd! Right now I am the heaviest I have ever been (except when I was pregnant!) at 210 lbs (I am 5'10" tall.) So, I definitely have some weight to lose!

Here is a picture of me and my family, taken this past Christmas:

Adjusting my diet is difficult for me here. We only have white sugar and white flour. No wheat flours or alternative sweeteners or anything healthy like that. Also, I have to cook/bake EVERYTHING from scratch. So trying to adjust the diet is hard, and to be honest baking is one of my stress relievers. And of course if I bake it I have to eat it. But I am not one of those eat-the-whole-cake-at-once kind of people. I'll have one cookie for dessert, and that's it. But I guess maybe I should be cutting out the cookies altogether... we'll see... I'm not sure I am that disciplined!!!

I have been incorporating exercise into my routine again for the last few weeks, and hope to keep that up. So even if I don't see much weight loss I do hope to see some inch loss. I did measure myself yesterday and will record those here just for comparison's sake!

Oh whoops, had to edit to add my measurements. Here they are:
Left arm: 14"
Right arm: 14"
Left thigh: 28"
Right thigh: 28"
Waist: 35"
Bust: 39"
Chest: 33"
Hips: 46"

And, I took a picture of myself yesterday... in my exercise clothes (yes, I exercise in the privacy of my home... no way I am going out in public in those!!!) So here's my "before" picture. We'll see if the "after" shows any change at all!

I guess I am not really expecting super-dramatic results after this challenge. But I am hoping for a little bit of accountability, and maybe on a day when I don't feel like exercising, or feel like eating a cookie instead of an orange, I will take the more healthy option, just because I know I keep track of the points here! Looking forward to getting to know everyone else! Blessings!


Dani Joy said...

Great post, Sarah! I am so excited for you to start on your fitness journey for life.

I understand about the food choices you have. Baking homemade is better in a way, but maybe cutting back on the amount. Cutting back to one free day a week for sweets and pastries. Try to add in those fruits and veggies.

It is great that you are already starting with the exercise. This is key. Try to do 30 min. a day until you can increase to 40min to an hour 4-5 times a week. Sweating it out helps to get rid of the toxins and fat.

You are so wonderful to post your before picture! It will encourage others as well to be open here on our private blog! Thank you! ;) YOu should check out Former Fat Lady, Nina. She is your height and has gotten about 40lbs off. She is a missionary in Portugal. Maybe you have met her already.

We are here for you! Ít is a battle for us all! we are Springing it with you!

Let´s Get this thing started!
Dani Joy

KathyH said...

Hello Sarah aka Junglewife!!! Love that name :o)

So glad you're joining us, blogging in about our food does help with making healthy choices. It's much harder to munch away at a chocolate bar when you know you have to confess it to the rest of us.

PLUS don't forget to blog every victory over temptation so we can cheer you on.

Keep springing!


Kathy <><

Vicki King said...

Nice to see someone else in the "tall girl" category. I am also 5'10". We are missionaries in Germany were we are surrounded by wonderful pasteries and German sausage - yes, it is a temptation! Glad to have you join our group.

Siberia said...

Hi Sarah,

I can definitely understand the eating part. Here in Russia I face a similar situation with making everything from scratch and no healthy things too. I have tried to increase veggies and fruits, eat more simple meats, and eat the starches in moderation. I don't bake much any more, except when we are having company. If you really love baking, maybe you can give some of it away to others.


junglewife said...

Thanks, ladies, for your comments! Nina is an inspiration to me!

Tami in Siberia - that is a good suggestion to give away my goodies if I feel the need to bake :-) I am sure there will always be willing takers!!!