Monday, February 14, 2011

?? Preggo Exercise & Plans

Hi, Ladies.
I am so happy to be connected with Christian women and their fitness journeys intstead of being bombarded with the worldly messages about size, etc.
My OB has given me the ok to exercise, and she put it rather plainly that I should not gain much more than 10lbs with this pregnancy, so what should I do, girls? The weathere here in Virginia has finally gotten nice enough to go walking, but the kids (all 3) have been sick. I love the idea of things I can do in my house, that I can involve the girls in when the feel better, but all of the tapes I have are very bouncy/intense.
Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome. I did not lose the baby weight after baby #3, and we were blessed with baby #4 just as I was brain-ready to begin doing something about my health. My hubby is on board with all of us eating better and exercising together.
Thank you so much, and many blessings to you all.
Cindy P.
~Proud Navy wife, homeschooling mama to 3 girls, pregalope with #4, & trying to live for the Lord
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