Friday, February 11, 2011

How to take Measurements

Excerpt taken from Making the Cut
by Jillian Michaels pp. 3-4

This is one of my favorite ways of tracking progress because it´s a motivational tool that doesn´t require any fancy equipment – It´s just you and a tape measure, baby!
Here´s what to do
• Start by getting naked! If you measure while dressed, wear thin clothes and make a note of what you´re wearing so you know to wear the same clothes the next time you measure.
• Pull the tape snug but not too tight. It should never squeeze your body.

• Measurements taken around the hips, thighs and upper arms should be taken around the largest circumference. Stand with your feet together when taking hip and thigh measurements.

• Never flex or tense your body while you´re taking measurements. Don´t suck in your stomach to take waist measurements. Relax, let it all hang loose, and enjoy knowing that very soon you´ll be able to see your progress both on paper and on your body.

The specifics:
• Bust: Measure around the chest right at the nipple line, but again, don´t pull the tape too tight.

• Chest: measure just under your bust.

• Waist: Measure a half-inch above your belly button or at the smallest part of your waist.

• Hips: Stand with feet together and place the tape measure around the biggest part of your hips.

• Arms: Measure around the largest part of each upper arm.

Starting Date-                   Each week:





Right Thigh:

Left Thigh:

Right Arm:

Left Arm:

Total cm/in. lost.
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