Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hi there! I’m Anita Beiles.
My husband Barry and I are missionaries in Arenas de San Pedro, SPAIN. That is about two hours west of Madrid. I was a part of the 2009 Christmas Crunch. It was such a blessing to get to know ladies from all over the world who were a part of the fitness program. I didn’t finish the Christmas Crunch so making it to the end of this challenge is one of my goals. I looked back on my measurements from a year and a half ago and I haven’t changed much at all. My plan for this fitness challenge is to do each day what I should incorporate into my life as a daily routine.
1. Pray for each of us as we start on this challenge.
2. Start a special Bible study plan I have been waiting to begin.
3. Count my calories to start dropping weight.
4. Begin a 20 minute a day exercise program.
5. One of my biggest challenges…drink at least a liter of water a day.
I am using Mathew 6:33 as the anchor for my challenge. I’ll be praying for you and please pray for me to be able to “Seek God’s Kingdom first…” during our fitness challenge.


Dani Joy said...

So glad to have you back!
Love the spiritual emphasis and your goals. We can pray one for another. This is what makes a group like this so much more valuable than anyother kind of fitness or weightloss group.

Great goals. They are atainable in God´s strength. Look unto the Hills from where our help comes from!

Love your verse too!

Springing into Shape with ya,
Dani Joy

KathyH said...
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KathyH said...
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KathyH said...

Hey Anita!

So glad you're joining us. Don't let your past experience influence this challenge, I dropped out of the Christmas 2010 challenge and did some serious gaining instead.

Tip for the water. Get yourself a water bottle and carry it around EVERYWHERE. I got myself a 750ml (24oz) Camelbak bottle from the States and aim to drink 3 a day. I don't always finish the 3rd but as long as I finish 2 I know I've reach my target so every extra sip is a bonus.

At first I was abit self-conscious about it but lots of people comment on it's lovely blue colour and even my husband complains that I only got one.

If I'm going anywhere a little bit posh I buy one of those "trendy" waters and keep the bottle to re-fill 4 or 5 times, so it can last a couple of months at least.

If the problem is that water is boring add a squirt of lemon or lime juice, great for cleaning out the kidneys. And sparkling water with a good squirt of lemon is a good alternative to soda. No nasty poisonous aspertine either.

Just keep sippy sip sipping and you'll get through that litre in no time.

Keep on springing!




Landry ladies said...

Welcome back.

Thank you for that beautiful reminder to lean on the Lord for his strength and also to pray for one another.

I know it's frustrating when you have been trying for so long and it seems like your getting nowhere. Just remember that it is so possible to start fresh and this is the perfect time to do that.

God bless,

Cindy B. said...

Hi Anita, glad you are joining us. Wish I could have seen you when I was with Alice in Madrid. I'll be praying for you to meet your goals.