Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Howdy from Texas!

It's my second time to join Dani Joy in this journey. Just for fun, I am going to post my original measurements from the fall of 09--I've lost a lot since then getting to about 143 lbs. I lost it too fast and b/c of health issues, but I maintained it for a few months....but, as my eating increased and exercise decreased since I've been "home", the weight has come back...so I'm committed to change this...now that my health is better! I want to lose it the right way and maintain.
I'm 5'7" .-haven't shrunk or grown:) here in awhile.
Fall 2009
Chest 35
Waist 30
Hips 39
Weight 73kg =160.6 lbs
Thighs: L 24.5 r-25
Arms rt 12.5 left12.25
Now 2011
Chest 34,5
Waist 28.5
Hips 39
Weight 158.0 lbs (different scale, so really don't know how it truly compares with the above)
Thighs: L 23.75 r-24.25
Arms rt 12 left 12
Calves: r 15 l 15

Here's the latest picture of my hubby and me from Sunday--our Valentine's Date. A bit of history about us: we have four kids, we've lived in Dallas, Tx for about 12 years, Russia for 2 years, and we are now living in East Texas with my in laws. We are grateful for their hospitality; they are building a house and we will stay here til we get a bit more established(John has started his own company) or they get tired of us!!! My mother in law is joining me on this journey, but not officially.

Thanks Dani Joy for organizing this !
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