Monday, February 21, 2011

Tip 1--Whole grains

Good evening! I thought I could share with you that since Danielle encouraged us to go for whole wheat flour instead of white, I have been baking with whole wheat. All the recipes we normally bake (chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, breads, biscuits, etc. are just as good or better with the whole wheat flour and brown sugar or honey. And lately, I also got found espelta, rye, and barley grain. I have been making bread with a mixture of those and the results are great. I encourage you to use some whole grains from where you are and enjoy the healthy choice.



Dani Joy said...

Awesome, you can do this!

I don´t even bake anymore because I don´t buy enough whole wheat. I am going to make choc. chip cookies with honey and whole Wheat! You totally motivated me.

Dani Joy

Donna said...

Are they not heavy? I'll have to try, but it seems to me they would be've motivated me to give it a try.

Kristina said...

Do you use all whole wheat flour in those recipes or half and half? I am getting ready to make the switch to whole wheat and was was wondering. Thanks :)

CindyP said...

Do you leave the measurements the same? I cannot find a whole wheat bread recipe that doesn't crumble or taste like dirt.

Any ideas or recipes to share would be great!

Charlie said...

I use whole wheat, when I do my baking. Actually, whole grain (I grind my own). I haven't baked in a while, need to get back to it. I love the texture, it seems hardier.

I'll need to do it again soon, when I find the time.

Thanks for the motivation.


Ketty said...

Ieven make my pacakes or waffles with whole wheat.