Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 2

I'm hoping to get a better grip in week 2 I earned 6 exercise points this week wich is better than I was doing off the challenge but I really need to work on that. I still haven't measured this is something I've procrastinated too long and I just need to get it done! I know those numbers will scare me into more activity...haha
I am also asking for Prayers for my eldest son he will be having surgery to remove a hemangioma(sp?) on Friday it is an outpatient procedure so he will be home that day but with some pain we are praying for a fast recovery. I will be spending much of the days following the surgery tending to him, so I'm asking for prayers for myself to be motivated to exercise during the times hubby will be home to care for him. With His strength we will have a good week! Thank you in advance for the prayers
Catherine <3


CindyP said...

hi, Catherine. I sure will be praying for your son and you!

Charlie said...


I just said a prayer for your whole family.

KathyH said...

I will be praying.

Dani Joy said...

We will be praying! What does the surgery involve?

We will bathe you and your whole family in prayer.

Big hugs Cathy!

~Catherine~ said...

Thank you so much ladies! It means a lot to know you are all praying for Alexander and our family.
@Danielle there will be a very small incision they will drain hemangioma then remove all the cells around it. It's about the size of the shooter in Marbles it should take around an hour then once he's awake and doing good I can take him home for lots of mommy and baby time (shhh don't tell him I called him a baby;) ) DH took the day off work to tend to the other boys and my Best friend/his Godmother is going up with us for support! Thanks again for the prayers

~Catherine~ said...

Thanks again for the prayers ladies the surgery went smoothly the hospital was great to Alex he was still loopy when I brought him home so I had to wheel him out in a wheelchair which he thought was the coolest thing ever! He said we had to eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria so he could stay in the chair longer too funny!! Today with a huge sigh of relief I was able to really work out all the tension all the craziness gone in a 60 minute workout ahhhhh wonderful!