Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alice's weekly humor post March 12

I don't know if my fat is hanging any lower lately, Sure hope not. :-)

I guess I shouldn't have gotten so excited about my weight going down on Wednesday .... it jumped right back up to 138's again the next day. Dani has really motivated me with these double points and I am excited to say I have not missed a day yet, and have not done less than an hour on any given day yet either. Sunday will be a test for me ... I normally do not go out running/walking on Sundays. However we do have 2 episodes left of the last season of the Amazing Race to watch as a family and will probably do in the afternoon when the kids are done with their homework. I will try to march/jog in place during that time. If I can do it for the full 2 episodes I should get between an hour and an hour and a half in.

I figured out my percentage between the waist and hip measurements like was mentioned several posts back ..... my % is 85. Unfortunately my weight likes to go right to my stomach/waistline. (My sister and I ended up the last challenge with almost the exact same weight but when I saw her measurements I was reminded that the number on the scale isn't the only thing. Her pounds are distributed much differently than mine --- more in the hips.) One of the main reasons I am doing these challenges and really making a concerted effort to get moving is that I know that my extra pounds are more dangerous than hers. There is family history of heart disease and my tendency to put weight on around the middle just puts me in greater risk, even if it isn't a ton of extra pounds.... I want as little risk as possible. I can't do anything about my family history but I can do something about my thick waist. So, I will be marching away in Leslie Sansone style as I watch tv tomorrow and will try to resist the carbs that tend to go straight to my middle.


Charlie said...

Hi Alice,

I'm in the same situation. My sister is also a pear shape so her weight goes to her hips and thighs, which is less dangerous. Although I weigh less than she does, mine is in the waistline. I joke around and say that if I lose any more weight in my legs and arms, I'll look like humpty-dumpty. :0) I did get my waistline to .81. So I'm hoping that my hips won't lose weight before my waist does again, throwing it all off.

I am trying to do exercises that focus on the mid-section. I didn't realize there were so many muscles in the abs. I use Jillian's 6 wk 6 pk and No More Trouble zones and it seems to be working.

Let's keep springing for a healthier waistline.

Dani Joy said...

Way to go Alice!! You can do it!

Dani Joy