Tuesday, March 22, 2011

decisions decisions

The dvd is playing and we have watched one episode already and I have been getting a bunch of bonus points by going through and commenting on some older posts. Now we are into episode 2 and I guess it is time to put the computer down and get up and do some marching and jogging in place for the rest of the show. I may not get as many points but points alone do not get the pounds off.


Maribel said...

Good "point" ;) It's better to exercise. Yes, I did a 60 minute workout yesterday and I though . . . just 3 points! BUT, it's more than that to my body :)
Good work!

Charlie said...

You are so totally right! I get to comment while my son is still doing his school work. Now that he can do the rest of his work on his own, I am out of excuses. So I'm going for my 5 mile walk.

Hope you had a great workout.

Dani Joy said...

Oh how funny! So glad you got up to exercise! Your body will thank you.

Dani Joy

junglewife said...

Yes, it's fun to accumulate the points through these types of things, but best for us to exercise! Thanks for the reminder!!! :-)

Cindy B. said...

Good decision, Alice, if you actually did put down the computer so you could exercise while watching the DVd. I did that the other night - tried to remember all the steps in the WW Walking DVD while watching some basketball. Keep up the good work!