Monday, March 21, 2011

Fitness Video

Here's me doing the surrender in No More Trouble Zones. I think this is the hardest move in the whole video. It's okay to laugh at me struggling though. LOL!!! Here's the tip: I don't have a mirror in my living room to see if I'm doing the exercises correctly. So I decided to video myself on my computer to see how I am doing. I hate not knowing if I am indeed doing them correctly. Videoing really does help. Remember form and technique is key to fitness success. It does take some time in practice to get them right sometimes. Keep springing!


Maribel said...

Way to go, girl! It doesn't look like you're suffering!
I actually hate the arm ones. Hey, I may video myself too. You are so motivating! You know? I lost my good weights. I've looked everywhere. I only have these 1.5k ones. But I like my 2k ones. I'm going to do the NMTZ video now, before I run out of time.

Charlie said...

I'd love to see a video of you too. I know what you mean about the arm ones. My arms need a lot of work muscle-wise.

I'm sorry you lost your weights. What a bummer. I hope you find them.

You go girl! The NMTZ is my favorite workout. Really gets the sweat going. Sweat means burnt calories.

Madridmom said...

No way am i laughing at you! I am in awe .... I would be surrendering the first time and then either fall flat on my face or lay back and give up. That definitely looks very hard to do. Good for you!

Dani Joy said...

Wow!! you did them! I do them without weights most the time! woo hoo! way to go!!

Thanks for taping yourself! it is motivating. I so needed to feel like I am exercising with you. I will do this one tomorrow. I will do the surrenders in your honor! wooo hooo! jejeje

Charlie said...

Thank you all for the encouraging words.

Let's keep springing together.

junglewife said...

AAAH! i can't watch the video - my internet is too slow... oh well! I guess others here must have bee in the same mindset as you because there have been other posts on technique and videoing today! That really is a good idea!

Siberia said...

Great job! I don't like doing those, but I'm sure they really help. Melissa, my 7 yo, loves dogs, and she was noticing how unimpressed your dogs were as you were exercising. Well, we thought you were great! :-)

Tami (and Melissa)