Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here is a tip that I have learned over the years with my exercise programs and it really works to keep you trim:

To get the most out of your exercise program, work on your technique!

Sharla G.


Dani Joy said...

So true! When I started to get some strength then I started to be able to do the exercises correctly, then I started to really shape up. ;)

Thanks for the tip, Sharla!

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

Definitely, I guess that's why it's hard to do exercises at first. Once you get the hang of it, you can see the results. I know that Jillian makes the comment in Shred it with weights, "practice with lighter weights first, then increase when you feel you got it." This is a paraphrase of course. So form is very important. It can also prevent injury.

Thanks for the reminder.

Siberia said...

One thing that has really helped is to have someone video me while I am exercising. Sometimes I have seen that I am not doing an exercise right when watching myself on a video. Sometimes it is even funny!


Madridmom said...

I wonder if I should video myself too? If I do I am sure not posting it on the blog, that is for sure. Just kidding!

junglewife said...

I agree. I have just started a new exercise DVD (T-tapp) and I can really tell that once I learn the moves well enough to be able to have the right technique, I will get even more out of it. We'll see how it goes! It is hard, though, when you can't really see yourself doing the moves. Tami has a great idea to have someone video you! Having a mirror near you helps, but still can't always see all the different positions, especially if your head is supposed to be down!