Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make it fun and it'll get done

The key to get me to exercise is to make it fun. You see, I am NOT naturally an active person, nor have I ever been. Even as a little girl I was a bookworm and would always prefer reading, watching tv or playing pretend games in my room to running around and playing outside. My pediatrician used to tease me about my "nightclub palor" because I spent so much time inside, even in the summer time. I think the main reason that I am working out as often as I am is that we have this blog and because I have a variety of options available to me so I don't get bored with just one activity. I also download podcasts onto my ipod and listen to them while I am walking. I currently download the daily broadcasts from Focus on the Family and from Revive our Hearts ministry. I can usually get through 2 or 3 on a walk/jog in the park so pretty soon I will have worked my way through all the back broadcasts and will either start repeating my favorites or I will look for another regular podcast to subscribe to. Anyone have any suggestions? I also try to record the preaching at church on my ipod during the weeks that I am in the junior church and miss the sermon. I guess I could start listening to some of those while working out too.
The wii fit plus and the newest program that we got as a Christmas present (Gold's Gym Cardio workout) and my Leslie Sansone videos give me other options when I don't feel like working out outside due to bad weather or a need to stay in the home to watch the kids or wait for a phone call, keep an eye on food that is cooking/baking etc. I started the Gold's Gym program this past week and I am really sore today. It is a boxing program and I overdid it yesterday with a bit too much dodging and weaving and jumping rope. What things can you do to make your workout more fun, hence "getting it done"?

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