Sunday, March 20, 2011

Temptations and victories

Well, halfway through the week! I have definitely noticed that I have not been drinking as much water since the bonus points have ended. I really need to be better about making sure I do that! I think a lot of times I get "munchy" when really I am thirsty, so if I make sure I drink enough water, I won't want to snack as much!

I noticed today that I needed to wear a belt for the first time since we went on furlough! Woo hoo! I am trying to hold off on weighing myself until the "weekly weigh-in" so that I don't psych myself out with the normal daily fluctuations. But I did tell my husband - I think that my poochy belly isn't quite so poochy these days!

I did give into temptation today - we got a box from my parents yesterday with some treats for the kids, and today they opened up the Skittles and some other candies. I ate a couple of Starburst gummies and also a couple of Skittles that my daughter offered me :-) I know that it's easy to say "Oh, it's just a couple, what's the hurt?" but I think the key to success for me (right now at least) is NOT moderation with the sweets - it's the discipline (and freedom, really) to say NO to everything! I AM allowing myself a free day, and I took full advantage of it this week, having a small rootbeer float (Homemade ice cream!) for lunch and then some flan for dinner! But the rest of the week I just have to have the discipline to say NO!

We actually got 2 packages this last week and in one from my mother-in-law came some DVDs that I had ordered. I got the beginner "T-Tapp" exercise DVD. I am going to start it tomorrow with my friend. I am not really believing all the claims that they make, but thought it wouldn't hurt to try it at least! Since it is only 15 minutes I definitely will be adding other exercise as well. Have any of you tried it? I'd love to have your input!
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