Monday, March 21, 2011

I feel like my posts are a repeat each time. 2 more days recently have had snow shoveling as my "exercise of choice." :-) I'm still doing the 30 Day Shred with my girls on the days I don't shovel snow.

Here's a good tip: I was talking to my brother the other day. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I mentioned to him that I used to get really wobbly when I was doing an exercise on 1 leg. I told him that now my balance is much better. I can actually stand up straight on one leg while lifting the weights and doing the cool down with Jillian. He told me that was really great, and that means that I am improving my core strength.

That made me really happy to hear. I'm making gradual improvements, even though not much is visible on the scale or in measurements.

I don't get much time on the computer, but I'm hoping I can add one tomorrow or soon as the blog nurse. I'll let you guess at my topic in mind. :-)

In the meantime, let's keep springing.



Charlie said...

You know what, I've noticed my balance is much better too. Except when I do Yoga Melt Down where you have one leg up in the air and the other planted with arms out (but that's another story lol. Isn't it nice to have confirmation that we are getting stronger?

I'm sure that shoveling snow is a great workout. I'm such a wimp when it comes to the cold, just the thought of it makes me cold.

Glad you are doing so well with the Shred. It is definitely a great workout that works.

Keep up the good work.


Madridmom said...

the last time I did the "yoga" exercises on the wii fit plus I noticed that I was quite shaky when I had to be on one foot at a time. The "trainer" would make comments about strengthening the core musces too. Good for you and it must be very encouraging to see some improvement in your form and your strength. Hope the snow goes away for you to be able to start enjoying some spring.

Dani Joy said...

That´s great your brother can encourage you in that! Isn´t it awesome to get feeling stronger? stronger in disciplines and in every area in our lives. Praise the Lord!

I have some lower back pain though and am feeling a little sad that I probably will have to cut out running. I pray, I can keep working on my core strength.

Sprining with ya,
Dani Joy

junglewife said...

That is great. I think it is a real measure of success when we can notice the positive effects of our exercise program in our everyday lives, and not just when we are doing the exercise DVD. Having good core strength and balance can really help out in just our every day lives. Keep up the good work!

Siberia said...

Thanks, everyone for the encouragement!

Dani Joy, If you want to keep working on your core strength without running, just come over and visit. We have tons of snow in our yard you could just move around, just for the workout! Hee hee.

I can't run either for environmental reasons around here. What reasons are those? First, it is still too cold, we have packs of dogs running loose that love to attack running people, our road isn't paved, and is going to be a total mudpit in a couple of days when our thaw starts. So, don't feel badly.

I think I need to alternate some days with using my elliptical too. That works on my stamina, I think.