Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Back

I regret to say that I have not been with it for the past few weeks.  No weight loss or inches lost.  I hate to say that I haven't really tried.  I think I have become used to how I look and feel (even though it's not good) at the weight I am that I've just stopped trying.  In reality, deep down, I am not content with myself and where I am at physically.  Sometimes I think we are already 5 weeks into this challenge... why try now.  I know that's the wrong attitude TOTALLY.  So..... I guess this week I'll try harder. 

We are hosting an evangelist in our home who doesn't we flour-based foods.  Maybe this is my chance to NIX THE FIX! :) lol  I can do this, I can do this!!  I think next to child-birth, losing weight is the next hardest thing us women have to do.

Spring with ya'll this week and hopefully through the end.


junglewife said...

I would encourage you to start now even if you haven't been disciplined for the past couple of weeks. It has only been just over 5 weeks for me (since I really started being disciplined about my diet) and I am really glad with the results I have seen in this time! So, even if I quit now, I would still be happy. So I would say that it's not too late! Join in now!

Charlie said...

It's never too late to start. We will encourage you every step of the way!

Go for it!!

Dani Joy said...

I agree, It is never too late. Get back on that wagon and keep on pressing forward. Don´t believe the lie that you can´t change. You can with God´s strength. Keep pushing forward with baby steps. Don´t look back and don´t allow yourself to go back.

incorporate a little more exercise every day, cut out something bad and add in something more healthy. It´s your fitness journey for life.

So glad to see you back on posting.

Been praying for you,

Dani Joy