Monday, March 28, 2011

Sarah D Mid-week 6 journal

Just wanted to give an update of how I have been doing this week. So far I have done really well with Nix the Fix. I can't avoid white flour, white rice, etc entirely here since anything else is really hard to come by. But I have been trying to eat less of it and more veggies, etc. I have tried to avoid anything with added sugar. We can get palm sugar (gula jawa is what it is called here - literally "sugar from Java") and my friend has experimented with melting it down into a syrup so the other day I made us iced coffees with that as the sweetener. I haven't done much research on it but now that I look it up it seems like it is a pretty good sugar alternative, which is great because it is SO readily available here!

I was already going to take Saturday as a "free" day even before Dani Joy posted that we could take zero points for one of our days. We usually hang out with friends more on Saturdays, having people over for dinner, etc, and so I usually allow that day to eat fried foods, desserts, something a little indulgent for breakfast, etc. So I would have had negative points that day but now I don't have to! Woo!

I even exercised on Saturday and Sunday which I don't usually do. My friend and I have started doing the basic T-Tapp workout and they recommend doing the workout every day for the first 10-14 days, so we did it on Saturday and Sunday as well (the workout with instruction is only 20 minutes, once you don't need the instruction anymore it is only 15 minutes) so it wasn't much exercise but every little bit helps!

Anyway, that is how this week is going!
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