Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Journal Week 6

I have been "out of the loop" and really missed it!  I've just had a lot on my plate lately!  Adding in an hour of exercise with my co-worker has really made time a precious commodity.  I don't think that she realizes that I actually have to come home and exercise another hour.  It is good activity when I walk with her, but it is certainly not high impact.  So, I've technically been exercising close to 2 hours a day, but I'm not counting walking with her--I'd be blowing you all away with the points!!  haha!
Last week was a struggle for me food-wise.  The cravings were absolutely intense!  It was a good reminder of the struggle with sin and the need to depend on the Lord to help us conquer.  Food is the is not a sin to eat; and it is not a sin to enjoy food, but it IS sin to be controlled by it.  Last week--even when I didn't give in--I was still controlled, mentally, with food.  God is gracious and has helped me get the victory over this mental battle.  I really went back to basics--Prov. 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do NOT lean on your OWN understanding.  In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He WILL direct your paths.  I meditated on that so much this past week and saw how much this verse could apply to my lack of desire to exercise or my desire to throw out all reserve and eat with total abandon!  When I trust in Him, He does direct my path and helps me to control my food but more importantly control my mind!
God is good.
I have not measured, but I lost 4.5 lbs this week!  Wish those bonus points applied to this week's loss! 


Cindy B. said...

Donna, what an encouragement this was to me! Thank you for sharing the verses and reminding us it is the Lord's strength we rely upon. Congrats on losing so much this week. Keep up the good work with your co-worker - and remember that yes, exercising is important, losing weight is a good goal, but winning someone to Christ is the best prize!

Maribel said...

Donna, you expressed it so well It is all true. You are being a great encouragement! God bless you.

Charlie said...

Wow!!! 4.5 lbs. that is so great! I think your extra eating is because you are burning so many calories and your body is requiring it. Two hour workouts is alot. Some days I am able to do that, but I also notice that those are the days when I need to eat more. Just make sure to choose lean proteins and good carbs.

I am so excited for you 4.5 lbs is huge, you are doing great!

Donna said...

Thanks, All! I was THRILLED with 4.5, obviously! So, the extra walking--while not strenuous, is obviously helping a little bit! Now, if I can just figure out how to eat to keep me from being hungry all the time! :)