Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Keep it Alive - WEEK 5

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 
WEEK 5 -  Keep it Alive! 

A note from the moderator - 

I did "keep it alive" bonus week in our last challenge but, we are already writing consistantly on the blog, so I will do this bonus week a little different.

How can we keep springing and keep this challenge lively, by keeping the focus on the right thing?

I got it!

You get a point for every comment you write!

Keep it special, positive and spiritually uplifting. Ok, so you might feel a little bribed and unnatural in the beginning, but I think it will really be a great way to Keep it Alive in week Five!

Verses make great comments too! Try to make each one different. NO Copy paste. One comment per post. 

All other points are back to normal.

Keep springing and getting those exercise points and keep drinking your water. The results will come.

Don´t forget to measure today. Weigh in and post. We can´t comment on posts if they aren´t there.


Dani Joy


Dani Joy said...

esta bien a escribir en español! Yo traduciré lo que puedo. ;)

junglewife said...

Wow, how fun! I am not very good about writing comments, so maybe this will motivate me a little bit :-)

I am recording my bonus points (for drinking water, etc) in my "posts" category, because in the spreadsheet it lists posts/tips/extra. I hope that is okay...

Maribel said...

I like this.
Me gusta :)


(I don't have to count this one, but I was thinking about this topic this week). It's a good idea.

Have a good day!

Madridmom said...

Sounds like a great idea. Do we only get points on the comments from this week or can we go back and comment on older posts? :-)

Dani Joy said...

YOu may comment on any post for a point as long as it´s a post from this challenge and you haven´t already commented on it.

Dani Joy said...

So glad you all like the idea. ;)
I am up for any new and fun ideas ya´ll might have, too.

Dani Joy

Cindy B. said...

Thanks for this bonus idea! I love it when I can read comments to my posts, and this will get me to read and comment on everyone's posts, I hope, except for the ones in Spanish, because I can't read it. But I get the gist of it, so maybe I'll leave a comment on those as well.