Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last week's post

Hi! I still haven't posted from this past week, but it's been one of those busy fast going weeks. I did measure partially, so I will post the achievements (-6.5 cm total loss) It must have been my no bread days plus the running I'm doing! I wish I were more faithful, but I only get to run some days a week. It feels great after the first couple of kilometers! My weight was 56.4, so the same as my lowest this time around. Not sure if it will go down ever, since I take my "liberties" and compensate with exercise.

Left thigh 51.5 (-1.5)
Right thigh 52 (-2)
Hips 95 (-1)
Waist 71 (-2)

Westerday was Father's Day here in Spain. We had a great time. We had a brunch made out of WHOLE WHEAT bacon and cheese biscuits, a mixture of potatoes, eggs, bacon and VEGETABLE stir, and some DARK CHOCOLATE pastries. It was Father's Day! Then we went to Terra Natura (a zoo) for the morning and walked up and down the world seeing different animals. We did not sit for any shows. Then we drove to my sister's and had coffee and well, other things to go with it ;)
In the evening I tried to compensate with level three of the Shred and walking to the store with my husband (he takes huge steps, so I get out of breath and happy). But he went and chose some supper the kids would like cheese and bacon on pastry dough. I used fat free sour cream, and accompanied it with carrots. I avoided the chips (not hard, since I don't care for those).

This was a fun day, but I don't believe I lost any weight or cm. I remind myself that building memories with my family is very important as well!

Have a great week!

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