Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Little by Little... Inch by Inch

Last week was good as far as exercise until the weekend.  I didn't get any in Saturday or Monday.  I'm still working on the eating part trying to get in more veggies.  My weekend eating was not great~ pizza and coke. :(  I have always been picky, but I'm trying to venture out and try new things.  I DID walk a total of 8 miles with Leslie Sansone last week.

My results:
- .5 in waist
-1.5 in right arm
-.5 in left arm
Hopefully I did that right.  I will double check in a bit. :)


Charlie said...

Isn't it funny how we can get different measurement from our left and right sides. I had to keep checking to see if I'm measuring right. My arms, finally, are the same. My right thigh however is now a full inch bigger than my left thigh.

Congratulations on the inches lost.

Charlie said...
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Donna said...

Way to go! Keep walking!