Monday, March 7, 2011

Natural tuna and tomato sandwiches

Here in Spain we eat a lot of "bocadillos" (sub style sandwiches). The tuna and tomato one is popular, and my kids like it. I normally buy canned tuna and comes in oil (vegetable or olive). Although I like tuna, I don't digest it very well. However, the other day natural canned tuna was on sale and I bought it. In the blender I chopped some fresh tomatoes, added the tuna and some olive oil. It is good, natural, and a great source of protein (read the can). It's delicious to put over toast or on some good crusty bread. And it is not aggressive to my stomach!

Try it sometime.



Dani Joy said...

I don´t do well with tuna but my family loves it. I will have to try this for them, if I can get by the smell. jeje

thanks for posting, Maribel!

Can´t wait to see you next month! It will be the first time we are together as couples since our youngests were babies. (I think)

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

My son and I love tuna. We get the chunk light tuna in water. I just add a little bit of olive oil mayo and top with baby spring greens, tomato and a hot chili pepper over multi-grain bread. Yummy..... Well mine is on multi-grain bread, my son likes his on whole wheat bread.