Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nix the fix and Journal

It's getting late here, well it is late or should I say early. I came to bed but then got stuck reading.

I want to update you all on how week 6 - Nix the Fix will work.

Bonus points this week-

10 points for the full day without refined sugar, empty carbs (pastries, white bread,white rice, white flour anything unless you can not get whole wheat, then only minimum should be allowed for bonus points)and no fried foods.

Negative 5 points for any junk food choices (any of the above, even just a lick or bite)

2 points for 2 liters of water a day or more!

Foods to eat in quantity are fruits and veggies and healthy protein.

Allowed 2 sugar free snacks a day.

I really need this push. It has been hard for me too not have that little bite here and there.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions.
Enjoy! And work hard. Exercise is a must still. Keep working on getting 40 -60 min a day.

Springing with ya,
Dani Joy


Cindy B. said...

OK, Dani, I figured this one would show up sometime during this challenge. I don't do well with cutting all things white out of my eating. For starters I put sugar in my morning coffee. It is the one thing that I let myself have, because I don't eat a lot of other white stuff. So this week, I will still do all the other things, but if I have to lose 5 pts for the sugar in my coffee, well that may have to be . . . I still plan to exercise and drink the water and watch the other things I eat. Thanks for the challenge . . . Maybe at the end of the week I will surprise you!

junglewife said...

I will try this! The problem is that we do not have brown rice here, and wheat flour is very hard to come by, so I do not usually use it for my baking. So for us, it is white rice, white pasta, etc, all the time, just because that is all we can get. So I will see about cutting out what I can, and maybe just eating a very small portion of the carbs when I can't cut it completely. Thanks for the extra push!

Charlie said...

I will try to do this. Don't know if I can, but I will try. LOL!!!!

Dani Joy said...

For those that can't get whole wheat, make it only a fist size portion of rice, pasta or that particular carb. No seconds. We can do this.
Really even if it is whole wheat we should go smaller portions too.
SugAr free drinks Are free. Cindy. Find a little sweetener that you can use that helps you cut back on the sugar. Go light.

Dani Joy

Mª Elena Sanchez said...

Por favor dany puedes ponerlo es español.-GRACIAS

Mª Elena Sanchez said...

¿Puedo desayunar los Special-K con chocolate?. Son de Maiz, el maiz se puede tomar. No sé, cuales son los carbohidratos vacios. ¿Solo son los que tu has puesto?
Podrías explicarmelo un poco.

The Herd said...

Does this mean that it's -5 a day? Just checking?

Dani Joy said...

Elena, ooo Lo siento.. justo vi tus comentarios.

Pues, el problema con Special K es el azucar. ¿puedes tomar algo que no tiene extra azucar? El maiz esta bien en pequeñas porciones. Si no tienes otra cosa toma este cereal. Encontre un cereal All Bran con Pasas en Corte Ingles muy bueno. no tiene azucar. Bueno es solamente esta semana entonces no te preocupes si no puedes. por los puntos come lo mas sano posible. ;)
yo procuro no tomar azucar refrinado en nada ni harina blanco. maiz esta bien en pequeñas porciones como el cereal. ;)
No soy profesional en esto pero solo digo lo que funciono. Espero que ayude.

Un abrazo

Dani Joy

Dani Joy said...

Karen, whatever junk food you eat is -5 points. no just for the day. for example tonight I wanted a potato chip. I didn´t because I knew I would have to subtract 5 points. I wanted another sf dessert but I already had one and don´t want to subtract another 5 points. ect.. I hope this helps.

Dani Joy

Siberia said...

OK, I'm trying, but I didn't know about this until after I ate breakfast yesterday. Each morning I drink a small glass of fruit juice, and it has sugar in it, so I had already messed up my day. I'm doing better today though, even though we can't get SF, or brown rice or whole wheat flour. I'm not really a junk food eater at all, but I'm going to have to cut out even my usual "good" snacks for this. My yogurt has sugar, and even many tomato sauces, etc.


junglewife said...


I think your time zone must be closer to mine than some of the others, because I was in the same boat yesterday. I had already had coffee with sugar in it for breakfast before the Nix the Fix was posted. Dani Joy said it would be okay to still count the points, though, so I would go ahead and give yourself the points if you were good the rest of the day!

I am in much the same situation that you are. We only have white flour/rice, no SF foods, etc. I am not sure that it is possible for me to cook with no sugar at all, but we will see! I've done well so far and this is the end of the 2nd day for me.

Mª Elena Sanchez said...

Gracias dany. Para evitar problemas he decidido tostasme el pan integral. para el desayuno. y por ahora hasta que no compre mermelada sin azucar me lo comere tostado y ya.