Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quest for opinion/suggestions on dealing with food trigger times

I feel weird, but I'll ask!  heehee!
I know we all have trigger times, but, seriously, mine is out of control!  It does NOT matter WHAT I eat in the morning, I could eat ALL morning and still be hungry.  I'm actually hungry.  It isn't always just a mental thing.  Sometimes my stomach is actually hungry.  I drink water--around 5 bottles before lunch, and always eat a hearty breakfast.  Still, I could eat my entire days worth of calories by noon and be a happy camper.  I rarely crave food and am usually not hungry in the evenings.  However, I can't just not eat b/c I often have dinner appts, etc...not to mention that I'll wake up that much more famished.  I teach, so it's not like I'm bored and not doing anything...I'm busy!  But I'll keep coming back to my desk to get something to eat.  I tried not having anything and was actually so hungry I went to find something from someone else!!
Has anyone else experienced this morning issue?  Could I possibly not be eating enough in the latter part of the day?  Is this just a bad habit that I've created, and I've got to re-train my stomach/brain communication?
I really am getting frustrated!
(I would label this question, but I dont' think we have that category...maybe we should...!)


Vicki King said...

I assume for breakfast you have tried making sure you have both a lot of protein (eggs or yogart or cottage cheese or nuts) and something with whole grains? Otherwise I am not sure what to suggest. Have you tried eating something high in protein before you go to bed to see if it helps? Hope you can figure something out. :)

Dani Joy said...

I was going to say the same thing Vicki. Protien is so important for staying full longer. Have you tried Kashi? It is a full portion of protien in the cereal. there are Kashi bars too. Or maybe protien bars. I totally love to eat in the morning too. I graze a lot in the morning and at night. I have to have really health snacks. I grab almonds later in the day this helps hold me over.

I have been reading a lot about eating protien for breakfast and supper. I get so I could eat and eat too. ;) Drinking water is a great way to curb it too. ;)

We just have to keep learning about our bodies.

;) You are doing great! Keep on springing!

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

I notice that I have that problem specially on a very active week. I know this will sound really funny but those are the days when I feel better if I have beans with my eggs for breakfast. There's something about beans that really make a difference. I guess it's the added protein combined with the eggs and good carbs. You might want to try it to see if it helps. For some reason that's the only protein that makes a big difference for me.


Landry ladies said...

I’m more hungry in the morning also, I know I need to save “social calories” for the evening too. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but are you eating the extra calories you burned off exercising? Your body may just be craving more to keep it going on those hard workouts.

Like the other ladies have said, making sure you are eating enough protein and fat in the morning and making sure you stay hydrated is key.

What kind of food do you crave? Carbs, fat, protein? Have you had a glucose test recently? It may be caused by low blood sugar after and insulin spike. Are you eating enough in the evening?
The other possibility is that this is a side-effect of a new medication you are taking. Hope you are able to figure this out.

Donna said...

Thanks so much, ladies!!!

I don't crave anything specific. I just crave! I'm starving. Last night, I ate a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter (real!), and this morning has been better so far. It is true that I don't usually get protein in for bfast b/c I'm up and out of the house so early--I usually have granola and yogurt. Maybe I'll start adding the greek yogurt to get the added protein. I'm already getting up at 5AM, and I just don't feel like I can physically get up earlier. It very well could be the case that I am not eating enough at the end of the day when I'm exercising the most, and I am not feeling the hunger until the next day. I'm going to try adding the protein and eating more at night. We'll see!
Thanks again!

Charlie said...

Since mornings are tough for you, you might want to stock up on some good protein bars that you can just grab and go and see if that helps.

sharla gutierrez said...

I am exactly the way you are. I can eat all morning and be happy for the rest of the day. Over the years I have added protein like a boiled egg and a piece of wheat toast. Since I eat early at 7 a.m. then midmorning I have to have something, so I eat a piece of fruit or a lowfat yogurt and I also grab a small handful of raw almonds. It helps but I still sometimes am hungry. It is a good idea if you can find out if you have low sugar. My stomach even will growl in the morning even if I drink water. My problem is like yours. I am not hungry at night but I force myself to eat some kind of protein at night so I am not starving in the morning.