Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quest for opinion/suggestions on dealing with food trigger times

I feel weird, but I'll ask!  heehee!
I know we all have trigger times, but, seriously, mine is out of control!  It does NOT matter WHAT I eat in the morning, I could eat ALL morning and still be hungry.  I'm actually hungry.  It isn't always just a mental thing.  Sometimes my stomach is actually hungry.  I drink water--around 5 bottles before lunch, and always eat a hearty breakfast.  Still, I could eat my entire days worth of calories by noon and be a happy camper.  I rarely crave food and am usually not hungry in the evenings.  However, I can't just not eat b/c I often have dinner appts, etc...not to mention that I'll wake up that much more famished.  I teach, so it's not like I'm bored and not doing anything...I'm busy!  But I'll keep coming back to my desk to get something to eat.  I tried not having anything and was actually so hungry I went to find something from someone else!!
Has anyone else experienced this morning issue?  Could I possibly not be eating enough in the latter part of the day?  Is this just a bad habit that I've created, and I've got to re-train my stomach/brain communication?
I really am getting frustrated!
(I would label this question, but I dont' think we have that category...maybe we should...!)
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