Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere . . .

Day 4 of drinking water for me! That is some record. I don't feel like I need a life boat anymore. I was down on the scale this morning as well, and I hope that is the case tomorrow when I officially "weigh in" and measure. Then I'll get some more points. I've been watching what I eat, though tonight we had a baby shower at church for two ladies, and I had cake and ice cream (only half a piece of each). I was interested to read Dani Joy's information about cinnamon. I bought a box of Cinnamon Burst Cheerios (a new flavor) and I really like it. I didn't realize the cinnamon had a good effect, but maybe that is why I like it. Thanks, Dani, for that tip. I enjoy reading about everyone's journey. Keep up the good work!


Dani Joy said...

Great job increasing your water. I pray you will see some results in eliminating the liquid retention. You also should work on lowering your sodium intake so that your body does not retain more.

I love the cinnamon too! it helps so much.

Dani Joy

~Catherine~ said...

you are inspiring me! I still don't get enough water but I'm doing a lot better with at least two or three 16oz bottles a day :) and seeing your posts about getting your water in really is encouraging! Way to go!