Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dani´s S2SII Journal 4 - MY Mom and 51 Tricks 1&2

I present my mom, April Hopkins.

She has lost 75 pounds since she began her fitness journey just last year.  I am so proud of her! She is motivation now for me. I had prayed for her and had written to her about my journey, asking her to please take care of herself for us and for the Glory of God.

Even though, she is not on the blog, she is Springing it with us. She and Dad have gotten a membership at a fitness center and workout there about 3 times a week. They have gotten bikes as well.
My mom just turned 55. She is young and getting herself healthy.

I wanted to share her testimony with you all. She joined Quick Weightloss center sometime last year. It is a bit pricey but, gave her the accountabilty she needed. They gave her the proportions she needed to eat, as well as suppliments. She weighs in about 2 times a week. They give her advice and help when she plateaus.  This center teaches their clients to eat this way for life. They give them a way to maintain and enjoy eating later as well.

I believe much of the success lies in Prayer, Partnership, Proportions and Practice! (like practice what you preach) ;)

Maybe I can get my mom to write out some more of what the proportions entailed but for now I have an article I found that I want to little by little share with you all.

Dani Joy

51 Tricks to Eat Healthy-  from Sport Life magazine (translated and adpated by Dani Joy)

1. Do the shopping and cook at home - Cooking is relaxing (for some) and it´s the best way to have a healthy, natural, diet. If you avoid fried food, sauses, and prepared foods inorder to cook raw, vapor, grill or in the oven, you fill up more, enjoy the flavor more, and you avoid bad ingredients like artificial flavorings and preservatives. You also avoid trans fats that can make you gain weight. 

2. Cinnamon instead of Sugar - This spice is a potent activator for the metabolism that helps to keep the sugar levels in the blood constant, and helps reduce the desire for sweets. Sprinkle cinnamon on yogurt, tea, or  milk, and you could lose up to 2 pounds a month. (instead of sugar)

More to come...

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