Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 3 update

Not too much has changed here - weight has stayed the same and I am waiting to measure again until we are at the halfway point. I've been trying to be careful with eating, but it has been hard with company for 3 days last week, out to eat with friends last night, and then company again on Sunday! But like others have said, I am trying to remember that ministry and people are much more important than my excercise and weight loss goals. And I have been enjoying the good fellowship and uplifting conversations that go along with the company. So, I keep plugging away. Have continued to push through an hour of excercise every day, and so far have kept up with the 64oz of water! I am also trying to remember that the discipline of daily excercise and good eating habits is more important than actually seeing the scale change. :) Keep at it ladies!


Donna said...

So right, Vicki! This has been a frustrating week for me, too. I've "done right", but I haven't seen the results. Of course, I had a big loss last week, so I can't expect that every week. But, to top it off, I have either been out, or had people in, or baked for big events Frustrating. No matter how "good" you are those weeks just make it more difficult. Hang in will pay off. (But you don't need to lose weight, do you?)

Siberia said...

Hi Vicky,
I can understand about all the company. We had company for about 3 days this week as well. But, I keep reminding myself, as Dani Joy says, this is a fitness journey. A journey isn't a short trip, so I think we will be on it for the rest of our lives. I haven't been doing so great on points, but I know that I am already a "winner" as I am making progress with healthier eating, exercising, and seeing results little by little.

I know the Lord is honored when we are at our best health for Him. We have more energy to serve Him better, but we can't let exercise get in the way of ministering to others either.


Maribel said...

That's great Vicky! With company, and you are able to keep up with your exercise! I also believe in the importance of people over diet. Keep up the good work!