Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 3 update

Not too much has changed here - weight has stayed the same and I am waiting to measure again until we are at the halfway point. I've been trying to be careful with eating, but it has been hard with company for 3 days last week, out to eat with friends last night, and then company again on Sunday! But like others have said, I am trying to remember that ministry and people are much more important than my excercise and weight loss goals. And I have been enjoying the good fellowship and uplifting conversations that go along with the company. So, I keep plugging away. Have continued to push through an hour of excercise every day, and so far have kept up with the 64oz of water! I am also trying to remember that the discipline of daily excercise and good eating habits is more important than actually seeing the scale change. :) Keep at it ladies!
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