Friday, March 11, 2011


I am just a little overwhelmed with life lately.  Too many things pulling at me: schooling the girls, house, language school, and being everything to everyone.  I really have not felt like trying this past week.  Has anyone else had a week like this?  Sometimes I want to just accept myself for what I am and just not try the weightloss thing anymore!  However, my body would HATE me for it!! :(  Praying that I can prioritize my time next week and get back on track. :)

BTW: weight and measurements are still the same.  Going to "Spring" harder next week.


Siberia said...

Hi Kristina, I can identify with all that is going on for you. Our first year "on the field" was one of the hardest of my life. Is there any way you can hire a part time nanny that can help watch your kids and also help them with their language? That way you can have a little time to concentrate on things that you need to do, and it may free up your time some, so that you have more time to devote to exercise.

I know this time is really hard for you. I'll be praying extra for you. I know you will feel better and have more energy if you are able to lose some weight and keep going with exercising.


Maribel said...
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KathyH said...

Hi Kristina,
what Tami and Maribel say is true. You have done one, and are still in, of the most stressful combinations of major life changes.
You've moved home, country and culture in one fail swoop. Everything, EVERYTHING, is foreign! And as wife and Mommy you want to create a home, a sanctuary, routine to ease the transistion for everyone else. Add to that Satan, who wants you to fail, he is piling on the stress 10 fold! It is going to be tough.

I'm not going to repeat advice, all I want to say is be open and honest about how tough it is with someone (not hubby) a girl friend who understands. This is one of the issues we discussed last weekend in Lithuania, Maria stopped talking to people "back home" about her struggles as they couldn't understand them and started to worry that the marriage was breaking up, they would fail as missionaries and return home etc etc.

This group is not just about weight lose and exercise, we are here to support in every aspect of life. You have friends here who've been through the same things. Use this resource, you are not alone.

One other point that struck me, you wrote about "being everything to everyone" that sounds so like me, striving for perfection. Excellence is what we should be aiming for, a subtle but important difference. Whenever I start to get frazzled and singed around the edge I realise I was striving for perfection once again and have to realign.

The Proverbs 31 woman is our role model but we often forget, she had servants! v15

A nanny sounds like an excellent idea. The kiddies will benefit, you will benefit, hubby will benefit (you are less stressed) and the nanny benefits as she earns a small wage.

We will be praying for you, your job is to keep us upto date with how we can pray.


Kathy <><

Maribel said...

Kristina, I know how you feel. We moved to Spain with a 2 month old baby, and the first year was really hard. Even though we did not have to learn the language, adjusting to a new life is always difficult, and Satan wants to push us down and keep us there. I'll be praying that he will not be able to do that to you. Cling to God and His promises. He will help you do everything you HAVE to do. I know changing your eating habits can be hard, but as you mentioned before, changing countries helps. Start by seeing what the fresh produce is in Croatia and do not try to make the same meals you made in the US all the time. This will help your bills, your weight, and it will be a lesson on Croatian culture. Tammy's idea about the nanny is a good one. Maybe she can show you what kind of healthy meals they make on a daily basis. I wrote a post earlier about exercising including your kids. Maybe you can try that. Any activity that makes you sweat and raises your heartbeat for over 20 minutes could be considered an exercise workout. Then maybe you can find some time to do the 30 Day Shred videos--they do work.

I wil be praying for you this week. Let us know how the Lord has helped you and blessed you.


Dani Joy said...

Kristina, I did read your post, but only briefly and am sorry I didn´t pray sooner. I am praying right now. I too will agree that my first year (well first term on the field was the hardest) I came pregnant and had my second baby in a social hospital. It really rocked my world but God is so faithful and babies come. Praise the Lord! ;)

Oh I go back to those memories and I thank God for the lessons taught. I wrote a lot down. I should go back and read my journals from then.

You did right in confiding in us and if you want to call, please do. I know that when I started having missionary wives and to confide in and look up to, it helped a lot. Of course, as one of my missionary friends has said, her expieriance is hers and no one else really knows how she feels but Jesus. One thing she and I had a hard time with is vetern missionaries telling us, that they had been there snd did it better. (an attitude that comes across but not the original intent of course)

Anyway... I pray you can read these comments and be encouraged. We lift you up in prayer. We love you in Jesus.

Remember to take the time out of the day for you. It´s important.

Dani Joy