Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a busy couple of days!

My son is now officially a Boyscout. He is so excited about it. I am now a retired Cubscout Asst Den Leader. It was a lot of work but definitely worth it. The ceremony went well and all the boys did well.

The camping part went well too. It was very cold that night. Three of the boys decided to sleep in our tent. So I got kicked out and slept in my Trailblazer. Needless to say I got very little sleep.

Why does camp food taste so good? I didn't do so well in the food department, but I got alot of physical activity, so it all balanced out.

When we got home, I was able to take a nap then we had a birthday party to go to in the evening. Then we had the Ladies breakfast at our church this morning. Took another nap, then did the Shred it with Weights DVD and the Yoga Meltdown which was a total of 69 min. workout. I felt great afterwards. Then my sister called and treated me to dinner then we walked to the mall and shopped for 2 hours to work off dinner. I only gave myself 2 pts. for that to compensate for the times we stopped to shop the clearance section and try on clothes.

I am now totally exhausted again. I am looking forward to the day of rest tomorrow. Have a great Lord's day everyone.


Maribel said...

Wow! A packed weekend! Those are exciting! Congratulations to you and your son. It's great that you keep active. How is that Shred it with weights video compared to her other ones?

junglewife said...

You weren't kidding you were going to be busy! Congratulations to your son! Glad you had fun camping - it is not really something that I consider "fun"! I think that being outdoors just whets our appetites, and the camp food just hits the spot!

Wow, that is a lot of workout in one day! I have tried that Yoga Meltdown a couple of times and I am not sure it is for me. I might have to try it again, though.

Charlie said...

Maribel: The Shred it with Weights it pretty good. I thought it would be harder but it doesn't seem to be. Maybe I need to increase the weight on my Kettlebell. I don't think it's as hard as No More Trouble Zones, but maybe because it is shorter too. I do wish it were longer. I didn't even really break a sweat with it.

junglewife: (I love that username) I'm not sure that Yoga Meltdown is for me. I think its because I'm not very flexible. I really need to work on flexibility so I will try to keep doing it.

Doing both videos I was able to burn 491 calories, not really much compared to the other videos.

Maribel said...

OK! The truth is that I am of the philosophy that if I'm going to work out, I have to do it "all the way", so I'd rather do those that make you sweat and hurt. That's why I like Jillian's workouts. Thanks for the info.

Dani Joy said...

So glad all went well at the campout!

Great workout. I feel lazy!! and tired. I need to workout with you. I need to make it fun again.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Dani Joy

Charlie said...

Dani, I'd love to workout with you too. Miss you.


Madridmom said...

Did you buy anything on those clearance racks? I am looking forward to being in the states on furlough and replacing some much needed items in my wardrobe. I really want to be firmly down to my target size/weight before I get there in June. I need pants but they just aren't cut right to fit me here in Spain. When I went home for my uncle's funeral in January I picked up a new pair of jeans at Walmart (Lee's are the brand that ALWAYS fits me perfectly) and was so excited to fit easily into a size 10 instead of the 12 or 14 that I have been buying for the last decade or so. I don't have many other pants that fit so I feel like those will be almost wornout by the time June comes around. :-)
Sounds like you had a very nice and profitable weekend!

Charlie said...

Yes, I did buy a couple of things from the clearance. I bought a pair of workout pants, a navy blue skirt and Trevor got a new shirt as well.

I love clearance racks. Specially now that I can fit into most of them.

I know I had to start buying to replace some of my big clothes. I was wearing out my black and brown skirt. Wondering if the people at church were starting to guess which skirt I was going to wear. LOL!!! I know they aren't thinking that.