Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 8 real weigh in

I was down about .2 inches...hehe...sometimes I am up in some areas and down in others...wish there existed a radar measurement system that was accurate!  I am still weighing the same, but I have a hypothesis...when I let myself cheat on the weekends...I am obviously cheating too Wednesday it's Friday it's lower but by Monday, I'm up.  I am not cheating this weekend and we shall see!!

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Dani Joy said...

Oh how funny! I want one of those too. the architech who measured our new church building had a laser measuring tool. It was so cool! We need one for sure! Let´s invent it.

You are doing well, keeping at your fitness journey. I think it´s a great idea to try to keep your cheating to one day. I know when I go the whole weekend, I have to work extra hard during the week for sure.

You can do all things through Christ!

Dani Joy