Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alarming Thots...

With my husband in the states, I thought it would be easier on my diet plans. He is a high metabolism-every 2 hour eater. I am finding that I get involved in projects and forget to eat. I have been doing okay, BUT NEED TO PLAN MORE AND MAYBE SET AN ALARM! Thankfully the points for water have kept me consistent in that arena...someone suggested having full water glasses in several places and that is helping me.


Dani Joy said...

Great job on getting that water in.

Funny that you have to set an alarm to remember to eat. When my hubby is gone I munch too much. :(

praying you
Dani Joy

Charlie said...

I remember when I used to forget to eat lunch. Lately, I've been an eating machine. hahaha!

Great job with the water. I'm finding that it's definitely easier to do now.

Let's keep sweatin'