Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sarah D First post of the new challenge!

Well, I figured I better get this first post up before it's time to post the week's results on Wednesday! Things have been busy here and I haven't had time to post yet, sorry!

I am starting off with the same numbers that I ended the last challenge:
Weight - 199 pounds
Bust - 36.5 inches
Chest - 31
Waist - 31
Hips - 44
R thigh - 25
L thigh - 25.5
R and L arms - 13

The week in between challenges was not the best one for me - I had a ladies retreat over the weekend and then my birthday was on Monday so it was a week of small indulgences! I did not over-do it but when I have been cutting back so much, even a couple days of desserts each day feels like a splurge!

I have been pretty good with the exercise this week - I even did an exercise video on Saturday when usually I don't exercise at all. I think I will have to keep this up and just save Sundays for my rest day. It feels good to get that exercise in even on Saturdays, although I sweat SO much every time I exercise! We don't live in a hot place (even though we are near the equator we live at 5,000 ft altitude) so it really is a nice climate for exercise! But I am just a sweat-er I guess and it is yucky!

I am losing my exercise partner in a couple of weeks and so I think I am going to have a hard time keeping up the motivation for exercise for the 2 months she is gone. At least I have this challenge to keep me going because otherwise I think it would be REALLY hard! I think I will end up doing more videos and stuff inside rather than running out on the little road inside our base here, because I won't have her to chat with while we run!

And, I will just close with a recent picture that was taken on Easter. Just an excuse to show off my cute little girls :-)
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