Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dani´s SOFII Journal 4

This past Sunday. We celebrated May birthdays. 
Well, Ladies, I had hoped to start dropping back down to what I was in the last challenge but, I have a feeling I am not getting enough sleep at night and that is hindering me. I was talking with a fellow sister who has been coming to church. She is a Pharmasist and very knowledgable in health. She was showing me how much lack of sleep ranks right up there with water and good healthy eating. :( blush! I am not getting enough of it.

Well, I didn´t measure either, as I usually wait a few weeks to measure. I pray that at least I am losing the volume had gained back. Gotta stay motivated.

My weight loss since January  2009. I have gone back up since last Summer  only 4lbs.
 I would like to see 120 by the end of this summer.  That´s the green line. Have to have a goal. 

Thank you ladies for being such a motivation even for me, who needs it too, even though I am the blog moderator. jeje

Keep on with all your hard work! It will pay off!

Dani Joy


Vicki King said...

Always nice to know that others are gaining a little sometimes and have to work it back off. :) I know you are very busy right now with all the stuff with the new building. Our summers are SO busy too it will be hard to excercise as much as "usual", but I will be trying to get in as much as possible.

Dani Joy said...

jejeje! Yeah, It happens very fast but I want to be sure to stay around 125 never over 130. It´s good to have your check points or else it will be too much work later.

I am excited for Marta and Josue to get to go up there for a missions trip! ( a little jeoulous jeje) When are your camps? how is it coming along?

Dani Joy