Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dani´s SOFII Journal 4

This past Sunday. We celebrated May birthdays. 
Well, Ladies, I had hoped to start dropping back down to what I was in the last challenge but, I have a feeling I am not getting enough sleep at night and that is hindering me. I was talking with a fellow sister who has been coming to church. She is a Pharmasist and very knowledgable in health. She was showing me how much lack of sleep ranks right up there with water and good healthy eating. :( blush! I am not getting enough of it.

Well, I didn´t measure either, as I usually wait a few weeks to measure. I pray that at least I am losing the volume had gained back. Gotta stay motivated.

My weight loss since January  2009. I have gone back up since last Summer  only 4lbs.
 I would like to see 120 by the end of this summer.  That´s the green line. Have to have a goal. 

Thank you ladies for being such a motivation even for me, who needs it too, even though I am the blog moderator. jeje

Keep on with all your hard work! It will pay off!

Dani Joy
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