Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fitness on Furlough!

It is soo hard to stay fit on furlough!:( It is the time I gain the most weight and mostly because I am sitting and traveling makes me hungry. I know this picture is kind of strange. Maybe you can't even guess what it is! It is a cooler and a jump rope. This helped me some while I was on furlough. The cooler you can use to keep healthy snacks and drinks, and the jump rope you can take where ever you go and doesn't take up space and you can jump just about anywhere. Also, if we stayed overnight in a hotel, we tried to get one with a pool to be able to get some exercise by doing some laps or at least treading water. If any of you have any good tips for not gaining weight on furlough, I would appreciate them. Thanks!

Sharla G


Charlie said...

I have never been on furlough, so I can't give you any advice there. You have a great idea with bringing a jump rope and cooler.

When I travel, I usually pack healthy foods too. Last year when I went with my sisters and son to San Diego for a Fiesta Reunion, I was the only one that packed some food. I packed some fruit and nut granola bars, oatmeal and honey bars, fresh fruit, nuts and lots of bottled water. Instead of going out for breakfast, I would just have some fruit and granola bars. My sisters really thought it was a good idea and I was glad that I brought enough to share. This really helped me to eat better, plus save money.

This year, I think I'm going to pack some hard boiled eggs and some homemade beef jerky too. This will help with the protein.

I will pray that you do well.

Annie said...

It is wonderful that you are committed to staying in shape while on furlough! A jump rope is small and portable and the cooler with healthy snacks is also a good idea.

We always get all of our children out of the car and have them run around when traveling by car and jump rope would be easy to slip into the crowed minivan. Thanks!

Siberia said...

I'm hoping someone will add some good comments to this one. I am already dreading furlough next year for this very reason. We have churches that are scattered across a very large area, and that means a trip of at least 1 month. It is so hard when having to eat out so much, and sit in the car. I am planning to take our exercise DVD's with us that we can try to do at hotels. The pool idea sounds great.