Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fitness on Furlough!

It is soo hard to stay fit on furlough!:( It is the time I gain the most weight and mostly because I am sitting and traveling makes me hungry. I know this picture is kind of strange. Maybe you can't even guess what it is! It is a cooler and a jump rope. This helped me some while I was on furlough. The cooler you can use to keep healthy snacks and drinks, and the jump rope you can take where ever you go and doesn't take up space and you can jump just about anywhere. Also, if we stayed overnight in a hotel, we tried to get one with a pool to be able to get some exercise by doing some laps or at least treading water. If any of you have any good tips for not gaining weight on furlough, I would appreciate them. Thanks!

Sharla G
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