Friday, May 27, 2011

Love at First Sight!

Click here to Go to Self Magazine.
ps.. I am not an advocate of how these ladies dress in this magazine. I belive we need to take care of our bodies , not flaunt them. ( just a side note)

P.S.S- I would probably use a whole wheat bread.

Sweatin it with ya,
Dani Joy


junglewife said...

Yum, that looks delicious!!!

Charlie said...

I make a salmon patty sandwich. The salmon patties I make is actually round salmon fillets. It's not the ground kind. I take multigrain thin buns then load up with Baby spring greens, tomatoes, hot sauce and the fillet, close sandwich and enjoy. I really love these sandwiches. Sometimes I'll take turkey burgers and do the same thing. Not ground turkey, but real turkey only round. Trevor enjoys the salmon more though.

Dani Joy said...

ooo I will see if I can find something similar here for the boys. ;) Salmon is too strong for me though. lol