Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh my !!! gals are working!!

Two things that I have noticed---I haven't been exercising, but you gals have...those tickers are a tickin!!  You are challenging go exercise for an hour today...I hope I can do it! My weekend will be crazy because of traveling, but I WILL be watching my sweet intake--since that is my nemesis!


Dani Joy said...

haha! this is great! I am totally like that! I actually have to really psych myself up to do a heavy workout. Walking or playing games, not so much but getting really down to hard core workout... yes.. It takes me about all day to talk myself into it, or my husband saying he will do it with me.

We can do it! We must move if we want to eat more. It is all mathmatics. Burn what you eat. ;)

Dani Joy

The Herd said...

Thanks for labeling again for me...I'll try to remember...but no promises!!! I forget on my own blog too!!!