Friday, May 6, 2011

Starting Post

Hi Everyone. I am having trouble posting this blog. My first ten attempts failed. I am ready to start. I had a nice visit with some wonderful missionary friends: Bob and Sandy Frazier yesterday afternoon and was acutely aware of just how fat I am. We have shared good healthy recipes and encouraged each other in the past. I haven't seen them in over a year and was quite embarrassed. I am going to post measurement, but please no laughing, crying or disgusting noises.

For 4 May 2011: Wt 198.6#- ouch!, but down 8# from the start of the last challenge. Bust-45 in, chest 41 in., waist 45.5 in, hips 51 in, R & L thigh 24in, R arm 15 in, L arm 14 in. Wow! I did it. Now all I have to do is loose it. Please pray for me as I pray for you. May we all be able to glorify God with our bodies and lives.


Charlie said...

Hi Anne,

You got to see Bob and Sandy Frazier! How are they doing? Are they still on the Hallelujah Diet? That was so nice that you were able to visit with them.

I wish I could visit with you guys. It is nice, however, to be able to keep in touch through this blog.

8 lbs. is amazing! You are doing great! Can't wait to see what our numbers will be at the end of this challenge.

To God be the glory,

junglewife said...

Eight pounds IS a victory! I am celebrating the eleven I lost on the last challenge, too! Let's keep losing together! Keep up the good work!

Dani Joy said...

Praise the Lord for your victories and for the encourgament from the Fraziers. I remember them. I remember meeting them when I wasn´t eating very healthy. (blush) It was probably the first time I had heard about the Hallelujah diet.

I am so glad you were able to get the blog post up. I know computers can be frustrating sometimes. Thank you for keeping at it. I am so encouraged by your courage and determination. God will give you the strength you need to stay consistant and disciplined to keep on your fitness journey!

Big hugs,

Dani Joy

Annie said...

Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement. I had to have Charlie post for me since my very frustrating Internet Explorer9 is making my computer malfunction. Charlie suggested installing a lower version of firefox and Thanks! Charlie. Bob and Sandy Frazier were doing well and looking great. They are very healthy eaters, but I don't know if they are still on the Hallelujah Diet. They prayed a very sweet prayer for our family and we had a wonderful time visiting them. I praise God they were in the area and got in tough with us.