Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week I SOF2 WAY in---hehe

I remember last week when I thought---this is a low weigh and measurement week...well, it was...I'm not that far off, but for sure, I didn't loose anything this week...gained in some lost in some...

Sweatin the fat off---in Texas, you sweat if you just step outside now!!!

Here are my numbers from our spread sheet:
Weight---last week 152.8   this week 153.0
33.25 29.25 28.00 37.00 23.00 22.75 11.60 11.60
33.50 29.50 28.25 36.75 23.00 22.25 11.75 11.75

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Charlie said...

It's getting warm here too. Though it doesn't seem to be as hot as it usually is this time of year. It definitely doesn't take much to sweat.