Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dani´s CCCIII Journal 2

Our most recent family picture taken this past Sunday.
 I had a fairly better day. I had many temptations, but kept thinking of you all! Especially, Maribel´s post about what she ate. I still ate more than I should have. It is amazing at how little food we really need.

Do you have any temptations that shout out at you? Mine are these gummy licorice candies that I buy for the boys. They are supposedly for the boys, but I just have such a weekness for them. I won´t be buying them anymore to have in the house.

There is a lie that crept into my mind this summer. I believe Satan would want me to believe it so that I will go back to being lazy, and unhealthy. It plays in my mind anytime there is something that I really like to eat, or when I want to enjoy a food my family is eating. (that I know will put weight on me) This lie says
"It´s ok, just a little won´t hurt you. You already have lost a lot of weight."

Well, I won´t eat even just a bite anymore of the forbidden foods except for on my free day. I write it here before you all. Now I am accountable.

Now, I am not saying that we can´t enjoy foods or an occational splurge, but I know my body. It has been slowly putting on weight this summer.


It is 11:53 pm. I have my water. I have posted. Now to rest and go to bed  to get 7 hours of sleep!

Crunchin´it with ya,
Dani Joy


Siberia said...

I love your skirt. I have one very similar to it, and I love it. Hmmm, now I have an idea to get a different shirt to go with it now though....

Siberia said...

P.S. I still say your youngest boy looks like you!

Dani Joy said...

Thanks, Tami! ;)

The sweater was given to me along with three other colored ones just like it. New to me but second hand. It has been fun putting them with different outfits.

I am glad at least one of the boys looks like me. jeje

Dani Joy

Vicki King said...

I agree with you - when I think about it, I am amazed at how LITTLE I actually need to eat! So, it really is a lie that "just a little won't hurt." It adds up so quickly!

Dani Joy said...

I think the older we get the less we will be able to eat. :(

Sarah W. said...

So true Dani Joy! What I have learned is that even when I have a little it jump starts my sugar cravings and I want more. Loved the family to see your whole family! You look great.....keep it up!!!!

The Herd said...

what a beautiful family!!!

junglewife said...

Look at me! I'm on the blog after almost a week of not being able to get on!!! Woot!

Anyway, what you said about the gummies rings true with me! I just bought a bag of orange slice gummies at the store (they are from China and not as sweet as the ones from the STates, not that it makes them good for you!) and I told myself they were for the girls but every day since then I have eaten at least one and sometimes 2 or 3! I won't be buying them anymore since they are such a temptation for me!!!

Dani Joy said...

Yay, Sarah! I am so glad you got to post.

Thank you Ladies for your wonderful encouragement.