Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dani´s CCCIII Journal 2

Our most recent family picture taken this past Sunday.
 I had a fairly better day. I had many temptations, but kept thinking of you all! Especially, Maribel´s post about what she ate. I still ate more than I should have. It is amazing at how little food we really need.

Do you have any temptations that shout out at you? Mine are these gummy licorice candies that I buy for the boys. They are supposedly for the boys, but I just have such a weekness for them. I won´t be buying them anymore to have in the house.

There is a lie that crept into my mind this summer. I believe Satan would want me to believe it so that I will go back to being lazy, and unhealthy. It plays in my mind anytime there is something that I really like to eat, or when I want to enjoy a food my family is eating. (that I know will put weight on me) This lie says
"It´s ok, just a little won´t hurt you. You already have lost a lot of weight."

Well, I won´t eat even just a bite anymore of the forbidden foods except for on my free day. I write it here before you all. Now I am accountable.

Now, I am not saying that we can´t enjoy foods or an occational splurge, but I know my body. It has been slowly putting on weight this summer.


It is 11:53 pm. I have my water. I have posted. Now to rest and go to bed  to get 7 hours of sleep!

Crunchin´it with ya,
Dani Joy
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