Sunday, October 16, 2011

Maribel's Journal #1

On Wednesday I started strong on the exercise. We went cable water skiing. I skied and swam in the sea for two hours. The next day many muscles in my body ached. I was so excited to find all the muscles that needed work! But then Thursday and Friday I didn't exercise much. Saturday I swam over 1 kilometer and Sunday just took a pleasant walk. I hope to do better this week, with organized regular exercise. I must confess that after water skiing I ate a whopper!! I know, it's awful! But I drank Coke 0!
 I hope to complete this week with some good reports and maybe by next week I can start seeing some results. 


Dani Joy said...

What! Where are you? How did you get to go skiing? I love to ski! Water skiing is my favorite and swimming, wow! Way to go! Didi you count it all for points?:) Jeje

I want to see pictures! ;)

Maribel said...

I'm here, next to the Mediterranean. ;-) As far as pictures go, unless my sister got to capture us as we went by, we did not take any pictures. The platform is a ways from the beach.
And yes, I am counting that!!